It’s a HOOT life!


oodysBay was created by, John R. Webster, owner of Abacus Graphics, as a creative outlet for my artistic designs. After more that 4 decades (and counting) designing for clients, I am realizing my dream of creating my own product line of cool merchandise. I’m having a blast letting my creativity run wild!

I invented the character Woody, a wise, snowy white owl, as a symbol of WoodysBay and designed a stylized owl for WoodysBay logo. I created Woody’s slogan “It’s a HOOT Life!” to express the joys of living life fully.

Welcome to WoodysBay shop. My products are designed to be comfortable, casual, affordable, and fun. I hope you will enjoy living your life fully with a HOOT!

Woody the Snowy White Owl




WoodysBay unique “Wild Woodys” product line features wild eye-catching designs that are All-Over printed on a variety of garments.

Wild Woodys feature colorful exquisitely detailed high resolution 3 dimensional designs created using complex fractal patterns that repeat infinitely. With infinite variations of patterns, colors, textures, and lighting possibilities that vary from subtle to extremely wild.

WoodysBay first product!

We felt it appropriate to launch WoodysBay by creating an original Beatles design. It features the Fab Four in their early days outlined in bright colors. Available in several garment styles.

Long Sleeve Beatles T-Shirt


The design team of John R. Webster and Francesca Droll have owned and operated Abacus Graphics, LLC, an intimate award-winning graphic design studio creating graphic designs for print and the web since 1979.

We designed WoodysBay to realize our dream of creating unique product designs of our own!

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